Welcome to the home of
The Roaster!

 We're proud to say that we offer catering for all events outside and in.

Weddings, family celebrations, fund-raisers and get together of all kinds of occasions.  

Our rotisserie has the capacity to roast a full-sized pig or barbecue anything you fancy. (within some limitations).

We are a home based business a we definitely pride in ourselves in not only offering good food but excellent buffet-style service.

Our goal is to appease your hunger.

Your goal is to relax and enjoy.

We also offer a wide variety of rental equipment and supplies

If ever the need to do it your self arises! We rent as well

We serve two districts from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to Northern Ontario.

At Your Service

Please tell me about your event!

Tel: 705-563-8004

Email: theroaster@hotmail.ca


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