About Us

Welcome from Cecile and Christian  Perron

 Mister and Miss Perron are the original creators and owners of "THE ROASTER".


Chris always had a flare for the BBQ and since he liked to entertain, one good function led to another. Word soon spread and the theme of "THE ROASTER" was born. Together with Cecile, they make an incredible team of providing good basic food from the meats to the salads to the desserts and whatever else you could possibly dream about.


"THE ROASTER" started its roots in Kendal, Ontario, and has been in existence for five years and are now expanding their territory through supply and demand and have added another contact person to their repetoire. Not only is Chris the chef of BBQ, he also manufactures these machines for rental and resale.


I am sure you and your guests would be delighted with the down to earth taste of this BBQ adventure. 

Cecile and Christian  welcome you to stop by and visit!